Saturday, June 18, 2011

de-boring-izing the guest bath

i bought my house 3 years ago, and it seems like i've barely scratched the surface.  it's not a large house, and there are rooms that i haven't touched with paint, hammer and nail, window treatments, etc.  nothing.  it looks the same dang way it did when i got here.

also, after 3 years i have yet to host a party.  which is RIDICULOUS because i live in florida and i have a pool.  i mean seriously, 3 years and i haven't managed to justify hosting some sort of pool party?

well recently there has been talk of a 4th of july crawfish boil going down in my backyard, and before that happened, i decided to finally put some crap in my guest bath besides towels and a shower curtain.

honestly, what i did is not even blogworthy.  i spend a lot of time perusing blogs, and some ladies just seem to have natural creative tendencies.  me?  well i bootleg and steal a lot of ideas from their blogs.  :)

here are some photos.  the guest bath is TINY.  i can't get the entire room in one shot.  this is the only area that isn't a bathtub, toilet, sink, towel holder, or blocked by the door.

i HATE that the walls are still white, but for some reason my boyfriend actually cares what color i paint rooms.  is this odd?  i think it is.  it seems that most ladies can just throw paint wherever they like and their husbands couldn't care less.  i made the mistake of mentioning peach once, and his head spun 180 degrees while he vomited pea soup.

also, i have to choose my paint battles.  my dining room desperately needs paint before the guest bath.  there are a couple of horrid cracks in the plaster that mock me every time i walk through there.  we will be negotiating that paint color first.  plus, that's where i want to hang the gallery shelves that i intend to make.  (another blog idea i'm stealing!)

anyway, back to the guest bath...

i've had that conch shell for eleventy billion years, and i've always wanted a cute way to display it because i adore the thing.  my granddad gave it to me when i was little.  i love the whole "put it up to your ear and you can hear the ocean" effect, plus it's just plain pretty.

i've had that beach sign for about 2 years, thank you very much tj maxx clearance rack, and it's been sitting in my dining room, homeless.

the vase is 5 years old.  my boyfriend sent me daisies (my favorite flower) for my birthday and they came in that vase.  it was too cute to throw out, so it's been collecting dust as well.

the frames i just found today at a yard sale.  i hit it late, around 10:30, and these ladies were a little panicky to try and get rid of everything.  i wish they'd had more stuff i wanted, it was mostly clothes and yarn.  they sold me 3 frames for a dollar.  i painted these two with the same "oops" paint i used on my bird feeder project.  by sheer coincidence, that color ties in nicely with the blue/green/brown floral shower curtain i have in the guest bath.  the pictures i put in the frames are two watercolors i bought last weekend at an estate sale for a dollar each.  the recently deceased was an artist.  in hindsight, i wish i'd bought a dozen more of them.

the third frame i found today is a bit larger, and i think i'm going to try my hand at turning that into a chalkboard.  my projects-i-want-to-try list needs to be written down somewhere!

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