Friday, May 20, 2011

bird feeder

i saw this idea at the local art festival a couple of years ago, and i wish i still had the artist's business card so i could properly give him/her credit here.  a friend of mine bought one, and we kept saying that we wanted to try to make one ourselves, but you know how that goes.

well today i finally tried it out, and i'm really excited at how it turned out.  please excuse the fact that there is no birdseed in the bowl yet.  i honestly didn't expect this to work out so nicely, so i didn't buy any.

first, i went to a local thrift store and spent $2 on the plate and bowl.  next, i went to home depot and bought a length of pvc pipe for $1.71 and a sample jar of outdoor "oops" paint with primer in it for $1.66.  (buying that pvc was interesting, by the way.  it comes in 10' lengths, and i drive a 2-door saturn.  i had that thing slanted through my car and hanging out of my driver's side window about 2 feet.  i felt like i was jousting every car i passed.)  i'd already bought the spoon for 15 cents at a yard sale, and the length of beads is just an old piece of jewelry i don't wear anymore.

when i got home, i sawed off a 4' section of the pvc and painted it with the "oops" paint.  while that dried, i pulled out my tube of Super Goop and secured the bowl, plate, spoon, and beads together how i wanted them.  then i hammered the pvc about 6" into the ground by my hibiscus plant and Super Goop'd the feeder on top of it.  voila!

i think next time i would use a larger plate and bowl, and i'm not sure how the spoon and beads will hold up in the elements.  worst case scenario, i build another one for $5 when this one starts looking icky.

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